Constructional Morphology and Evolution by N. Schmidt-Kittler, K. Vogel (auth.), Prof. Dr. Norbert

By N. Schmidt-Kittler, K. Vogel (auth.), Prof. Dr. Norbert Schmidt-Kittler, Prof. Dr. Klaus Vogel (eds.)

Constructional morphology explains gains of organisms from a constructional and practical viewpoint. through actual research it explains the operational features of natural buildings - how they could practice the actions organisms are anticipated to fulfil which will continue to exist of their surroundings. Constructional morphology additionally explains thoughts and constraints through the evolution made up our minds via inner constructional wishes, ontogenetic calls for, inherited organizational preconditions and environmental clues.

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But they neither act as an evolutionary cause nor are they absolute, that is, incapable of being modified. Developmental constraints have been discussed under the heading of controls by some authors (Wake and Roth 1989). l. Bock c) Historical constraints are a standard attribute of historical explanations in which the definition of historical change is modification which depends, in part, on past events and hence on characteristics of the subject during its past. Because evolutionary modifications are historical, they depend on historical constraints which are existing genetic and phenotypic variation found in populations of interbreeding organisms.

Lethaia 22:229-239 Stiimpke H (1961) Bau und Leben der Rhinogradentia. Fischer, Stuttgart (reprinted: 1967, The snouters. Form and life of the rhinograds. Univ Chicago Press) Szalay FS, Bock WJ (1991) Evolutionary theory and systematics: Connections and differences between neontology and paleontology. Syst Evol Forsch (in press) Thomas RDK (1979) Constructional morphology. In: Fairbridge RW, Jablonski D (eds) The encyclopedia of paleontology. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, London Vogel K (1989) Constructional morphology and the reconstruction of phylogeny.

The first considerations always form a foundation on which the second ones are based, whilst intrinsic and extrinsic factors complement each other. 4o The biomechanic does not deny that ontogenetic and evolutionary aspects are of crucial importance for the true nature of the constructions he analyses,41 but due to the practical difficulties coupled to the analysis of biological constructions he rarely reaches the desirable goal of including evolutionary aspects. One can escape the dilemma of overwhelming complexity in biological constructions with the help of a practical, but, strictly speaking, methodically incorrect, restriction.

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