Britannica Discovery Library Volume 2 - Me and You by Pamela Dell (Author), Kathryn Harper and Mark Domke

By Pamela Dell (Author), Kathryn Harper and Mark Domke (Editors)

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Long ago even Egypt’s seasons depended on the river. There were just three seasons. Akhet was when the river was flooded. During peret the land could be seen after the flood. And shomu took place when the river’s waters were low. The Nile River is teeming with different kinds of fish. The most common is the Nile perch. The river is also an important waterway. Canals, or man-made streams, act as a highway network for small boats and ships during the flood season. After its long journey across North Africa, the Nile empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

Fishing is a very important industry. The people catch the fish, pack them into cans, and ship them around the world. The islands are especially rich in beautiful tropical scenery. Coconut palm trees grow along the coast on most of the islands. Giant tortoises and green sea turtles live along the coasts. Sharks are found in the ocean. The seafaring frigate bird spends time on the islands. Tourism is Seychelles’ biggest industry, with visitors attracted by the country’s Victoria beaches, wildlife, and greenery.

Lar in very popu ★ LEARN MORE! READ THESE ARTICLES… ISLAM (VOLUME 5) • LIBYA (VOLUME 8) ROME, ITALY (VOLUME 6) Soccer is the Italian oli hosted p ri T econd 2 0 0 2 only the s s a w It . as held Supercup petition w m o c e th t time tha aly. outside It 61 Answer: a) Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Turks Rabat Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, a country in North Africa. It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Modern Rabat has a rich mixture of cultures reflecting African, Arab, Islamic, and French influences.

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