Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened by Donna Farhi

By Donna Farhi

Internationally popular and bestselling writer Donna Farhi strikes yoga perform past the mat into our daily lives, restoring the tradition's meant functionality as an entire, useful philosophy for day-by-day dwelling.

increasing upon the lessons of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the middle textual content of the yoga culture, Donna Farhi describes yoga's remodeling energy as an entire lifestyles perform, a ways past its universal relief to mere exercise session or tension administration. this can be the philosophy of yoga as a route to a deeper information of self. Drawing upon her years of educating with scholars, Farhi courses readers via all of the pitfalls and supplies of navigating a non secular perform.

Farhi's attractive and obtainable sort and extensive event supply very important teachings for beginners and professional practitioners of yoga alike. and since her teachings of yoga philosophy expand into each nook of everyday life, this ebook is an both available advisor to these looking non secular advice with no studying the pretzel bendings of the actual perform itself. As one of many most sensible lecturers around the world, Farhi's exploration of the middle philosophy of yoga is destined to develop into an fast classic.

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Avidha: Ignorance of our eternal nature 2. Asmita: Seeing oneself as separate and divided from the rest of the world 3. Raga: Attraction and attachment to impermanent things 4. Dvesha: Aversion to the unpleasant 5. ” The kleshas exist within us in various states of latency or arousal. We might think we’re getting our act together, then someone pushes our buttons, triggering a habitual and overblown reaction. The degree to which our reactions are inappropriate is usually the degree to which a klesha holds sway.

Thus our little self almost always perceives the recognition of this larger Self as a threat. There is a humorous list of Murphy’s laws for Yoga teachers, which states that the student who just declared that taking the first Yoga class was the most amazing experience of his or her life will not show up for next week’s class. We may find that in opening to this larger life it is bigger and more chaotic and more filled with intensity than we’d like, and the fear invoked by the possible spaciousness of such a life sends us running back to our old stomping grounds.

But almost instantaneously I rallied: “There has to be a footnote to this law! ” And then it became clear—the degree to which there are exceptions is the degree to which the mind still holds to its old point of view. This is why Yoga practice involves such a methodical and painstaking examination of where we have created convenient loopholes for ourselves. This is why working with our most deeply held resentments and grudges can bring about the greatest change, because it is here that we start to deconstruct the scaffolding upon which all our other points of view are based.

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