Bones by Edgar Wallace

By Edgar Wallace

It's a time while the main international powers are vying for colonial honours, a time of ju-ju, witch medical professionals and an uneasy peace with Bosambo, notable leader of the Ochori. whilst Commissioner Sanders is going on depart, the trusty Lieutenant Hamilton takes over management of the African territories. even though, all over again, the trouble-prone Bones, whereas intending to help, purely manages to unfold his personal special type of blameless and endearing mischief.

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Bim-bi is older than the sun and more terrible than any other ghost. For he feeds on the moon, and at nights you may see how the edge of the desert world is bitten by his great mouth until it becomes, first, the half of a moon, then the merest sliver, and then no moon at all. And on the very dark nights, when the gods are hastily making him a new meal, the ravenous Bim-bi calls to his need the stars; and you may watch, as every little boy of the Akasava has watched, clutching his father’s hand tightly in his fear, the hot rush of meteors across the velvet sky to the rapacious and open jaws of Bim-bi.

It was one of the few intelligent acts which may be credited to the Ochori in those dull days, for the stake stood for danger. It marked the boundary of the N’gombi lands beyond which it was undesirable that any man of the Ochori should go. It was not erected without consideration. A palaver which lasted from the full of one moon to the waning of the next, sacrifices of goats and sprinkling of blood, divinations, incantations, readings of devil marks on sandy foreshores; all right and proper ceremonies were gone through before there came a night of bright moonlight when the whole Ochori nation went forth and planted that post.

What dog am I that I should question the mind of my lords? In their wisdom they give honour and they punish. ” Bosambo nodded. “Yet, lord,” he persisted, “my own cousin who sweeps your lordship’s stables told me this morning that on the days of big palavers you also have stars and beautiful things upon your breast, and noble ribbons about your lordship’s stomach. ” Sir Robert chuckled. “Bosambo,” he said solemnly, “they gave these things to me because I am an old man. ” He saw Bosambo’s face fall and went on: “Also much may happen that will bring Sandi to their lordships’ eyes, they who sit above us.

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