Atlas of Rangeland Plants in Northern China by Gu Anlin & Wang Zongli

By Gu Anlin & Wang Zongli

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The USSR vegetation syntaxa prodromus. M., 1991

Korotkov okay. O. , Morozova O. V. , Belonovskaja E. A. The USSR plants syntaxa prodromus. M. , 1991

Flowering Plants: Dicotyledons, Magnoliid, Hamamelid and Caryophyllid Families

This new encyclopaedia, the second one quantity of that is offered the following, bargains entry to the range of ferns and seed vegetation, the main imrtant teams of eco-friendly land crops. to be had details of basic and systematic relevance is synthesized on the point of households. proof from almost all disciplines very important to fashionable taxonomy makes the paintings a Most worthy resource of reference not just for taxonomists, yet for all who're attracted to a few of the elements of plant variety.

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Argentina. , Isla Apip? Grande, Puerto San Anto Depto. et al 24452 (MO). nio, Krapovickas 449 (K). Gambia. Mali. bra, Roberty 17062 (K). Senegal. Koudougou (Saraya), Nongonierma Prov. Calabar, Dist. Itu, 380 (K). Galam, Heudelot Ivory Coast. Near Kpakobo, Ak? n. (K). Nigeria. n. (K-2 sheets). Cameroon. Mayaen, near Victoria, Maitland 1064 (K); Marienberg, Polhill et al. 5214 (K); Douala-Edea Reserve, bank of D. W. 313 Bioco Km 5, J. Thomas Guinea. River, Malabo-Rebola, (K). ), (Fernando Equatorial Sanaga et al.

Gen. 45. 1837. Andira sect. Lumbricidia subsect. Glabratae N. F. 58: 2. 1973, nom. Type: Andira inermis (W. Mattos, Loefgrenia Wright) Lumbricidia DC. Vellozo, Fl. flumin. 305. 1829. Andira sect. Lumbricidia (Vellozo) Ben Comm. tham, legum. gen. 43. 1837. Andira sect. Lumbricidia subsect. Lumbri cidia (Vellozo) N. Type: Lumbricidia legalis Vellozo [=Andira legalis (Vellozo) Toledo]. Andira sect. Paucifoliolatae N. F. Mattos, Loefgrenia 58: 3. TYPE: Andira unifoliolata Ducke. Trees, shrubs, or rarely geoxylic suffrutices.

2: 419. 1825. Amerimnum affine Sprengel, Syst. veg. 3: 192. 1826, nom. superfl. Andira sapindoides (DC) Bentham, J. Proc. Linn. Soc, Bot. 4, Suppl. ("A Synopsis of the Dalbergieae"): 123. 1860. Voua Bertero capoua sapindoides (DC) Kuntze, Revis, gen. pi. 1: 212. n. ; isotype: TO). Andira grandiflora Guillemin, Perrottet & A. Richard, FI. Seneg. tent. 254. 1832. Andira inermis subsp. grandiflora (Guillemin, Perrottet & A. Richard) Gillett ex Gambia. Albreda, Perrottet 31 (holo Polhill, Kew Bull.

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