Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 2: Trunk, Viscera, Lower Limb by Johannes Sobotta

By Johannes Sobotta

This is often the recent 14th variation of the vintage atlas in English with Latin labels.

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Soatiumsubarachnoideum Radixanterior Radixposterior Lig. 827a, b IntervertebraI foramina,Foramlnaintervertebratia; a Viewedfrom the [eft [ u m b a ro a r t o f t h e v e r t e b r a cI o l u m n . 828 Surfaceanatomyof the thoracicand a b d o m i n aw l a [ [ o f a y o u n gw o m a n . M deltoideus M. pectoralismajor Lineaalba M. serratusanterior M. rectusabdominis M. 829 Surfaceanatomyof the thoracicand a b d o m i n aw I a [ [ o f a y o u n gm a n . 830 Projection l a[t. -vill Costalv Sternum Costaespuriae vilt_xill F i g .

T h e d e e p[ a u t o c h t h o n o u m s Ju s c t e so f t h e b a c kc a n o e d i v i d e di n t o a t o n g i t u d i n aal n d a n o b t i q u es y s t e m a ,s w e t l a s i n t o a m e d i a la n d a l a t e r a lt r a c t . 8 0 1 M u s c l e so f t h e b a c k ,M m . suboccipitates. tt musclesof theback Lig. multifidi M levatorcostaebrevis Mm rotatoresthoracis Lig intertransversarium Vertebralumbalisl, Arcusvertebrae CostaXll Ligg. intertransversarii lateraleslumborum Fasciathoracolumbalis (Laminaprofunda) Mm.

D o r s i ; d e e p e s lt a y e ri n t h e r e g i o no f t h e l o w e rt h o r a c i ca n d t h e t u m b a r part of the vertebraIcolumn. muscles Suboccipital M rectuscaoitisoosteriorminor M. trapezius caoitis M semisDinalis M rectuscapitisposteriormajor capitissuperior M. obliquus capitis M splenius Atlas,Arcusposterior M. spleniuscervicis M splenius capitis Proc mastoideus capitis M. longissimus M digastricus,Venterposteriot M splenius cervicis Proc styloideus M longissimus capitis capitisinferior M obliquus i,il semispinalis capitis capitis M.

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