Assessment of children, revised and updated third edition by Jerome M Sattler

By Jerome M Sattler

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Such knowledge must be gained from texts and journals that cover clinical psychology, rehabilitation, and educational strategies for use with spe­ cial children, and from clinical experience. Communicating the Assessment Results The findings from formal and informal tests , interviews, and observations can make a unique contribution to the study of child development and of exceptional children. The value of the contribution you make, however, will depend on your ability to communicate your findings clearly and meaningfully.

Is there an alternative form available? How much does it cost? 7. How long does it take to administer? 8. Is there a test manual? 9. How recently has the test been revised? 1 0 . What was the standardization group? 3. Is the vocabulary level of the test's directions approplriate for the examinee? 4. How are the test items presented? 5. 6. What stated and unstated adaptations can be made im How are the test items responded to? presentation and response modes? 7. Is the test free of sex and ethnic biases?

Roberts , University of Alabama Dr. Carolyn S. Schroeder, University of North CaroJlina Ms . Fredye J . Sherr, Regional Special Education Conlsortium, Milford, New Hampshire Dr. Esther Sinclair, University of California, Los Anggeles Dr. Suzanne B . Sobel , Satellite Beach, Florida M s . Glenyth A. Thrner, San Diego Mesa College M s . Judith Wheeler, Texas School for the Deaf This text could not have been completed without the;: help of my two able secretaries, Maria Konczak and Jo l Lynn Mack.

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