Anvil Gate (Gears of War, Book 3) by Karen Traviss

By Karen Traviss

Continuing the saga of the bestselling video game series!

With the Locust Horde it appears destroyed, Jacinto’s survivors have started to rebuild human society at the Locusts’ stronghold. Raiding pirate gangs take a toll—but it’s not anything that Marcus Fenix and the Gears can’t deal with. Then the nightmare that they idea they’d left in the back of starts off to stalk them back. whatever a ways worse, whatever even the Locust dreaded, has emerged to unfold around the planet, and never even this distant island haven is past its achieve. Gears and Stranded needs to struggle facet through facet to outlive their deadliest enemy but, falling again at the savage strategies of one other bloody siege—Anvil Gate.  

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Joan’s present was a simple black Sadhimist athame against the time when he should be admitted to membership of a ceremonial klatch, while from his mother he received the deeds of one of her personal estates on Earth. It was far too generous, and typical of Lady Vian on those occasions when she remembered Dom. There were other presents from the minor directors and heads of subcommittees, most of them expensive – far too expensive to be allowed to keep, even if Joan would permit it. But Dom looked wistfully at the deeds of a robot horse, presented by Hugagan of Planetary Relations.

The camera was in a metal mosquito, high in the dome. He thumbed a switch, and the screen faded in a view from a mechanical shrew in the branches of a tree on the edge of the west lawn. Most of the guests had already arrived, and were mingled around the long buffet table. At least half of them were phnobes, many of them from the buruku colonies around Tau City. Korodore recognized the diplomats – they were tall, dark alpha-males, carrying sunshades. The less exalted, who were more acclimatized to the light, stood in small, silent groups around the lawn.

It wasn’t logical, but the idea had a certain artistic appeal. Towards noon a security flyer glittered briefly on the western horizon, heading south. Dom stepped sideways into a clump of reeds … And wondered what he was doing in the marsh. Freedom, that was it. The last day of real freedom. His last chance to see Widdershins without a security guard standing on either side of him and a score of more subtle protections all round. He had planned it, down to squashing Korodore’s ubiquitous robot insects that spied on him – always for his own protection – in his bedroom.

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