Aeneis: Latin-English Vocabulary by Hans H. Ørberg

By Hans H. Ørberg

Latin-English Vocabulary for Ørberg’s version of books I and IV of Vergil’s Aeneid. See that booklet for additional information.

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Catalog, account, enumeration, roll, estimate. ANTONYMS: (n) certainty; schedule, bill, table, inventorying. sneezing: (n) sternutation, reflex, (v) demonstrate, know, learn, prove. necessaries: (n) necessary, necessaries physiological reaction, neesing. Jonathan Swift 27 make %him understand us. In the large pocket, on the right side of his middle cover” (so I translate the word ranfulo, by which they meant my breeches,) “we saw a hollow pillar of iron, about the length of a man, fastened to a strong piece of timber larger than the pillar; and upon one side of the pillar, were huge pieces of iron sticking out, cut into strange figures, which we know not what to make of.

ANTONYMS: (adj) becoming, desirable, adequate, apt, convenient, suitable; (n) contrivance, straight, tidy, relaxed. resource, artifice. ANTONYMS: (adj) prow: (n) bow, stem, fore, beak, nose, inappropriate, inexpedient, obeisance, forepart, curtain call, impractical, futile, detrimental, bowknot, bowing, arc. spite: (n) malice, grudge, hatred, inconvenient, foolish. fastening: (n) clasp, clip, buckle, malevolence, rancour, venom, rancor, maliciousness, ill will, animosity; (n, attachment, lock, catch, link, bonding; (n, v) bond; (v) tie, bind.

Leaping: (n) jump, bounce, bound, Galloway, blood horse, beast of burden, beast; (adj) eagle. leap, spring, saltation, bouncing; (v) creeping: (n) creep, crawl, locomotion, jumping; (adj, v) bounding; (adj) spreading; (v) lentor; (adj) reptile, springing; (adv) leapingly. slow, reptant, reptatory, serpiginous, quadrangular: (adj) square, tetragonal. troop: (n) group, corps, gang, crowd, moving. divert: (adj, v) distract; (v) entertain, band, brigade, crew, herd, swarm, horde; (n, v) flock. avert, delight, deflect, deviate, 34 Gulliver’s Travels empress herself to let me hold her in her close chair within two yards of the stage, when she was able to take a full view of the whole performance.

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