Advanced Studies in Sikhism by Jasbir Singh Mann, Harbans Singh Saron(editors)

By Jasbir Singh Mann, Harbans Singh Saron(editors)


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Paper read at Conference at Berkeley in Feb. 87. , Evolution of Sikh Community, p. 67. Juergensmeyer and Barrier, Sikh Studies, Berkeley, p. 19. Paulos Marbregorios, Dialogue and Alliance, International Religious ‘Foundation, Vol. I & Il, 1987, p. 95. 210. N. Narayanan, p. 5. , paper by Ravi Ravinder, p. 7. , paper by Basant Kumar Lal, p. 8. 30 31 SECTION II IDEOLOGY 32 33 CHAPTER 3 SIKHISM, VAISNAVISM, VEDANTA AND NATHISM —A COMPARISON DALJEET SINGH Introduction The subject of this paper is to understand the uniqueness of the Sikh Religion and why and how Guru Nanak in laying down the principles of his religion and pursuing his mission completely departed from the earlier Indian traditions.

Noel Q. King writes, “One general conclusion which I draw from a long study of the critics, of which the above is a sketch, is that it is most important to remember the personality and circumstance of the critic. In a Natural Science like chemistry it may not be necessary to know anything about the human being who is writing. In any subject which entails human subjects, the work must be put into a personal context. Accordingly, 22 one feels every work of critical scholarship should have a government Statutory warning that its consumption may be deleterious to the soul’s health.

If it is charged against the exposition found in the earlier pages that it is overburdened with interpretations on too Iowa plane, it must be said in reply that both the practices and the outlook of the Yogis confirm this point of view… The high religious value to man-woman relations was insisted upon. ”43 Even otherwise it is necessary to indicate that the use of the sexual method has been clearly indicated in the ancient Indian literature and materials. Datterya, who is a Hindu deity, is one of the chief deities worshipped by the Naths.

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