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So the violence of Partition was there in the memories of those who raised me, even though we are from the south of India. The trains that crossed the borders, filled with the dead. Women abducted, families forced into refugee camps. Also more recent events. There is a prose poem in Illiterate Heart called “Taxicabwallah,” which is really a meditation on the events of 1984 in Delhi, and the massacres of Sikhs that occurred after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. These become part of the migrant memory of the taxicabwallah in New York City, so too the ghosts of Partition.

Meanwhile, the gigantic system of mass media is also migrating across — or rather pushing its way through — what it would like to see as a borderless world. A quarter of a century ago, Herbert Schiller presciently revealed how free flows of information sponsored by the American media obscured economic inequality, power imbalance, regional unevenness, and postcolonical struggle in self-determination. Media-induced flows of information seemed to bring together into a global village the rich and poor, the powerful and powerless, and peoples of different colors and beliefs.

I think for me writing a poem is like rinsing the language. In India, after you rinse, the clothes are hung out in a line in the sunlight. Perhaps presenting a poem in public space is like hanging it out in the sunlight because people can say what they want and do what they want with it. Speaking of the outside and public space, there is an exhibit in February and March [2002] in the Deutsche Bank. ” There are poems by several poets as well as work by visual artists. Two poems that I wrote, “Invisible City” and “Aftermath,” will be hung on a wall.

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