Able One by Ben Bova

By Ben Bova

While a nuclear missile introduced via a rogue North Korean faction explodes in house the ensuing shockwave destroys the world’s satellites, throwing international communique into chaos. the U.S. army satellites, designed to resist such an attack, express that extra missiles are sitting at the release pad in North Korea, able to be deployed. confronted with the specter of a thermonuclear assault, the us has just one attainable safety: capable One.

ABL-1, or capable One, is a changed 747 outfitted with a high-powered laser capable of knock out missiles in flight. yet either the laser’s expertise and the jet’s staff are untested. What used to be initially to be a coaching flight with a skeleton group becomes a determined race to wreck the 2 ultimate nukes. Will capable One’s experimental expertise be adequate to avoid international warfare III—especially whilst it turns into transparent saboteur is onboard?

Able One is a well timed thrill-ride by way of one in all technological know-how fiction’s most valuable novelists

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If you're interestedin protecting, you can't. I was very much a fan of the Guardian Angels. That's the answer to violent crime, right there. They should have regular patrols in all cities, and that would eliminate the whole crime situation. But nobody-particularly no politician-wants to eliminate any problems. Problems are what keep them in there. Anyway, some system of organized patrols is the obvious answer to that problem. JM: Obviously, an outfit like that would need to be formed locally. WB: It would have to be local.

The DEA doesn't want to seean effectivetreatment for narcotics. My God, where would they be if there weren't any drug addicts? There was a period back in the'60s when it seemed as if a genuinely enlightened attitude might be evolving. WB: Yes,it seemslike all the ground gainedin the '60s-in all sorts of areas-is now being lost. LM: Is this rightward swing an inevitable reaction? WB: No swing is inevitable. I'm not even convinced that what we're seeingis necessarilya swing. What we're seeingwith drug attitudes is certainly engineeredby the administration.

Far-seeingwas one of the things; the CIA has done a lot of experimentswith far-seeing. The idea was that agents could go and see enemy encampments and emplacements. I've read a number of books on the subject. Quite interesting, well documented. I usedthe idea in Cities of the Red Night with the character Yen I-ee. LM: You had your first hallucinatory visions when you were only about four years old. What kind of experienceswere these? WB: I wouldn't call them hallucinatory at all. If you seesomething, it's a shift of vision, not a hallucination.

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