A Woman's Book of Yoga by Machelle M. Seibel, Hari Kaur Khalsa

By Machelle M. Seibel, Hari Kaur Khalsa

Curiosity in yoga is at an all-time excessive, specifically between girls. no matter if readers desire to commence the perform or are already excited by yoga, this cutting edge booklet can assist them comprehend the original merits yoga presents for a woman's healthiness and psychological health.

The authors lead ladies of every age during the healthiness and existence cycles particular to adult females by way of illustrating the non secular and actual merits of Kundalini yoga, as taught through yoga grasp Yogi Bhajan. Hari Khalsa applies historical knowledge to provide an explanation for easy methods to ensure and improve one's personal specific dating with the brain, physique, and soul. utilizing his services on women's well-being concerns, Dr. Siebel unearths the clinical foundation for yoga's optimistic results at the mind. jointly, Dr. Siebel and Hari Khalsa create a discussion of spiritualism and technological know-how, elucidating how each lady can attain the rewards of yoga for an entire life.

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Yoga is a technology, and never a obscure, dreamy drifting or imagining. it truly is an utilized technology, a systematized number of legislation utilized to lead to a distinct finish. It takes up the legislation of psychology, appropriate to the unfolding of the entire realization of guy on each airplane, in each international, and applies these rationally in a selected case.

This rational program of the legislation of unfolding cognizance acts precisely at the comparable rules that you simply see utilized round you each day in different departments of technological know-how. you recognize, by way of taking a look at the realm round you, how greatly the intelligence of guy, co-operating with nature, might quicken "natural" approaches, and the operating of intelligence is as "natural" as the rest.

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Dieses Buch zeigt fundiert und praxisnah, warum sich die traditionelle Weisheitslehre Yoga als Werkzeug für gute Führung eignet und wie Führungskräfte Yoga als device der Kompetenzentwicklung nutzen können - unter Einbeziehung neuester Erkenntnisse aus Neurowissenschaft und Psychologie. Der Autor bringt seine Erfahrungen als Unternehmensberater, Executive-Coach und Yogalehrer verständlich auf den Punkt.

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He has reached the goal of life. The fire of meditation rapidly consumes all evils and sins. Then there follows that knowledge of Truth which confers perfection, everlasting peace and immortality. Stop the Vrittis through constant and steady practice. The mind will become no mind. You will attain Yogarudha state (the Absolute state). The seeds of Avidya in the form of potential tendencies which are embedded in the mind are all burnt to ashes when the mind rests in the Truth during Samadhi. The fire that burns is the fire of knowledge of Atman (Jnana Agni, Yoga Agni).

There is neither absolute good nor absolute evil in this universe. Evil has no independent existence apart from good. Wherever there is evil, there is good; wherever there is good, there is evil. You cannot expect absolute good in this relative world. You can find absolute good in Brahman alone. From the viewpoint of the basic Reality which lies at the back of evil and good, evil and good dwindle into an airy nothing. Evil and good are mental creations. Transcend good and evil and reach the abode of Supreme Peace and Immortality.

All diversities, all differences, all qualities, which are Mayaic or mental creations will now totally vanish. You will now recognise, feel and realise the Truth of Upanishadic utterances of sages, “Aham Brahma Asmi. I am Brahman. Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma. All is Brahman. Atmaiva Idam—all is Atman. ” Unity is eternal life. Diversity is death. Unity brings concord, harmony, supreme peace. Diversity brings discord, disharmony and restlessness. Unity is Divine life in spirit. Diversity is Asuric life in matter.

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