A Primer on Ethics by Tibor R. Machan

By Tibor R. Machan

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Or do people, having the requisite capacity, often fail to take charge of their lives properly or effectively and make bad choices? Which theory, the free will or the deterministic, best explains the world and its complexities as we know them? I believe that the free will view makes better sense. if A PRIMER ON ETHICS as well as sorrows, and creation as well as destruction, that we associate with human life. It also explains why we see so much change in language and in custom, style, art, and science.

Support for the existence of free will notwithstanding, outside influences clearly determine human behavior in some cases. A brain tumor, a severe childhood trauma, and an automobile accident are all examples of intrusive forces that sometimes incapacitate people. In addition, attorneys and expert witnesses would sometimes have us believe that people who engage in criminal behavior cannot control their actions. People whose behavior or judgment is involuntary cannot be said to possess free will.

Is it unambiguous (set forth in clear, precise language)? )? )? External criticisms deal with the comparative advantages of a theory. )? Is the theory consistent with generally accepted beliefs, knowledge, and so forth? Does the theory address our concerns in a given field better than other theories do? Does it deal more fully with commonsense concerns, or does it do violence to elementary wisdom? ) Ethical theories may be subjected to criticism in these two fairly distinct areas just like theories in other disciplines.

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