A custodian of grammar : essays on Wittgenstein's by Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Krkač, Kristijan; Wittgenstein, Ludwig

By Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Krkač, Kristijan; Wittgenstein, Ludwig

Ludwig Wittgenstein used to be probably the most influential philosophers of the 20 th century. this article discusses his philosophical procedure in his later interval, occasionally known as morphology

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Three interpretations of a ●. Now, it seems wrong to say that holes are small coloured rounds, yet it seems right to say that small coloured rounds sometimes appear as dots, and sometimes as holes depending on their relation to their background/surroundings. If this is correct, then this (●) is in fact a small coloured round which can be seen-as a dot or as a hole. Perhaps characteristics of size, colour, and shape are, if taken individually, completely relative, but if taken together, they seem to compose a description, or a definition of this (●) which clearly describes its pattern.

2 the round of the same shade of grey appears lighter on the darker background and darker on the lighter background. e. a property of being grey, is in fact background colour relative because on different backgrounds it could appear very dark grey but not black. The next issue to consider is the size since one claims that what one sees is small. 3). Both rounds in the illustration are in fact of the same size. Conversely, on the bigger background a round appears smaller than on the smaller background on which it appears bigger.

Finally, the last part explicates overall relativity as inherent to all morphological investigations and findings. In a way, it represents the broadening of particular cases of relativity explicated in the first section by making them no more than particular cases of as it were overall morphological and grammatical relativity. This chapter provides a place for philosophical morphology as a method, and a place for philosophical grammar as an aim of philosophical inquiry (which is instantiated in perspicuous presentations or clear descriptions of phenomena).

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